Vegan food in Queenstown: Vegan Restaurants in Queenstown

Vegan food in Queenstown

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    Queenstown, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, also boasts a vibrant culinary scene that caters wonderfully to vegans and vegetarians. 

    Whether you're after a hearty meal or a light snack, this city promises an array of delightful dining experiences that don't compromise on taste or creativity.

    Bespoke Kitchen

    Bespoke Kitchen delights with its modern twist on New Zealand cuisine, showcasing a dedication to fresh, seasonal ingredients in its vegan offerings. The menu is a testament to creativity, featuring breakfast bowls, salads, hearty burgers, and noodle dishes. 

    Diners rave about the red velvet pancakes and the bean superbowl, a dish that perfectly encapsulates the innovative use of ingredients. The selection of vegan desserts, including raw chocolate Twix bars, further highlights Bespoke Kitchen's commitment to providing a rich vegan dining experience.

    Vudu Cafe and Larder

    Vudu Cafe and Larder stands out for its vibrant atmosphere and a menu packed with vegetarian and vegan delights. It's a favorite for those looking for healthy yet indulgent options, including a variety of gluten-free dishes. 

    The cafe is renowned for its creative approach to plant-based cuisine, ensuring that there's something delicious for every diner​.

    Vudu Cafe and Larder

    Smiths Craft Beer House

    Smiths Craft Beer House might surprise you with its vegetarian and vegan offerings. Beyond its impressive craft beer selection, Smiths serves up delicious pizzas, burgers, and salads that cater to vegan and vegetarian preferences. 

    The establishment proves that a beer house can also be a destination for plant-based dining, with options that are as satisfying as they are inventive​.

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    Cargo Gantley's Pub and Cafe

    Cargo Gantley's Pub and Cafe, nestled in Arthurs Point, Queenstown, is a welcoming spot for those looking to enjoy a laid-back meal with a variety of vegan options. The pub, known for its cozy and friendly atmosphere, offers around half of its menu as vegan, ensuring that plant-based diners have plenty to choose from. 

    Options such as marinated olives, beer bread with capsicum hummus, and a tofu burger are among the delights that make this place a must-visit for vegans seeking satisfying meals in a great atmosphere.

    Caribe Latin Kitchen brings a vibrant slice of the Caribbean to Queenstown, offering a range of Latin American-inspired dishes. While the restaurant doesn't have an extensive vegan menu, vegetarian dishes can be veganized, providing a flexible option for those following a plant-based diet. It's a colorful and lively place to enjoy authentic flavors with a vegan twist.

    The Sherwood

    The Sherwood offers a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on modern New Zealand cuisine crafted from seasonal ingredients. Although not exclusively vegetarian, it boasts a commendable selection of vegetarian options, including salads, pastas, and risottos. 

    The restaurant's dedication to quality and the use of local produce make it a standout choice for those seeking vegetarian meals with a modern twist​.

    The Sherwood

    Eatery by Frank's

    Eatery by Frank's, a local favorite, serves up delicious breakfast and lunch dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. While not fully vegetarian, the eatery offers a variety of vegetarian options, such as salads, sandwiches, and frittatas, catering to those looking for a plant-based meal.

    Its reputation for quality and a cozy atmosphere ensures a delightful dining experience for all guests​ 

    Exploring Queenstown's culinary delights is a journey best enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Consider renting a caravan to discover these vegan hotspots and the natural beauty of the region. 

    A caravan provides the freedom to roam and the comfort of a home on wheels, making it an excellent way to experience everything Queenstown has to offer. Start your adventure with Campervan New Zealand and prepare to be enchanted by the vegan food scene and breathtaking landscapes of Queenstown.

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