Breweries in Queenstown: Discover the Best Craft Beer in Queenstown

Breweries in Queenstown

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    Queenstown, a picturesque town in New Zealand, is not just a haven for adventure enthusiasts but also a paradise for craft beer lovers. With its burgeoning brewery scene, Queenstown offers a delightful experience for those seeking to explore unique and flavorful brews. 

    This article will guide you through the best breweries in Queenstown, ensuring you don't miss out on any hop-filled adventures.

    Altitude Brewing

    Altitude Brewing in Queenstown is a craft brewery that epitomizes the spirit of adventure and storytelling through its exceptional beers. Founded by a local, this small brewery has garnered national and international acclaim for its diverse range of beer styles. 

    Located at Frankton Marina, the brewery and tap room offer a stunning lakeside setting. Visitors can enjoy a fine selection of craft beers on tap, including award-winning brews like the Mischievous Kea, while taking in breathtaking views of Lake Wakatipu. 

    Altitude Brewing is not just about great beer; it's about embracing the local environment and supporting the ecosystem, making it a must-visit for beer enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

    Beer in Queenstown

    Canyon Brewing

    Canyon Brewing, Queenstown’s newest craft brewery, is a scenic marvel located above the iconic Shotover River in Arthurs Point. This brewery is not just about crafting delicious beers but also offers a delightful dining experience in its restaurant. 

    With both indoor and outdoor seating, visitors can enjoy the picturesque views while savoring their craft beers. Canyon Brewing takes pride in its on-site brewing operations, offering a range of regular and seasonal beers. The brewery is known for taking risks with its beer flavors, ensuring a unique tasting experience for all. 

    It's a perfect spot to unwind and indulge in the fusion of great beer and stunning natural beauty.

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    Lake & Wood

    Unfortunately, I couldn't retrieve specific information about Lake & Wood Brewery in Queenstown. However, based on general knowledge and similar breweries in the area, Lake & Wood is likely to be a craft brewery that combines traditional brewing techniques with innovative approaches. 

    Breweries like Lake & Wood often focus on creating unique and flavorful beers, using local ingredients and inspired by the surrounding landscape. They typically offer a range of beers, from classic ales and lagers to more experimental brews, catering to a variety of tastes. 

    Such breweries are often deeply connected to their community, contributing to the local craft beer scene with their distinctive offerings.

    Queenstown Breweries

    Searchlight Brewery

    Searchlight Brewery, an independently owned craft brewery in Queenstown, is celebrated for its innovative approach to beer-making. Set in the industrial area, it's known as a hidden gem among locals. 

    With a motto of "search, seek, evolve," Searchlight Brewery is committed to pushing the limits of craft beer. The brewery features 18 rotating taps, showcasing a variety of styles and flavors. 

    Their taproom, coupled with a large sunny beer garden, provides a perfect setting for beer enthusiasts to enjoy their creative brews and engage in the vibrant local scene.

    Whakatipu Brewing Co

    Whakatipu Brewing Co, located in the heart of Queenstown, is a brew-pub and eatery that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. This family-friendly spot is ideal for unwinding after a day of adventure, offering fresh craft beers and a menu filled with globally inspired snacks, mains, and desserts. 

    Whakatipu Brewing boasts a wide range of ales and lagers that reflect the vibrancy of the region. With cozy indoor seating for winter and sunny outdoor patio seating for summer, it's a perfect place to enjoy craft beers and quality food with friends and family.

    Queenstown Beer

    Arrowtown Brewing Co

    Arrowtown Brewing Co is the brainchild of an unlikely trio: a photographer, a musician, and a businessman. This dream venture was born over pints at the local pub, Fork & Tap in Arrowtown. 

    They have crafted four unique beers so far, each with its own story and character. The brewery's offerings include the Macetown Gold, a classic European-style lager, and the Sawpit Pilsner, inspired by the local Sawpit Gully hike. 

    Arrowtown Brewing Co's beers are available at various establishments around Arrowtown, making their unique craft beers a part of the local fabric.

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